VirtualSAFE Cloud Service Launched Monday, 1st July 2019

VirtualSAFE Cloud Service Launched Monday, 1st July 2019

Dear all,

We would like to announce the launching and general availability of VirtualSAFE starting Monday, 1st July 2019. VirtualSAFE is a subscription-based cloud backup service. We are offering free as well as paid subscription plans.

Product website:

Product description
VirtualSAFE is an enterprise-grade encrypted cloud backup service that provides secure vaults for your team to store sensitive business documents and work files. Once installed, you get a secure vault on your desktop. Simply drag and drop work documents and files into your encrypted vault. The vault gets sync to the cloud continuously.

The objective of the launch
This is one part of the cloud service portfolios that we are actively building. These cloud services will allow us to offer our solution to the masses, reaching out via digital marketing and grow our user base.

Target audiences
For a start, we have a free plan which is suitable for personal use and at the same time allows prospective subscribers to test the solution before upgrading to paid subscription plans which offer higher storage capacity. The paid subscriptions are suitable for freelancers, sole-proprietors and small businesses. We intend to launch more plans to cater for multi-user environments for SMEs and larger organizations.

Positioning and key messages
There are many cloud backup and storage providers in the market. Some of the well known ones from heavy weights like Dropbox and Google offer large storage capacities for free or very low subscription fees. However, most of these providers do not offer zero-knowledge encryption (meaning the providers know nothing about the data you store) to protect your data confidentiality and privacy. Our solution is a better choice for users that value confidentiality and privacy over cheap service. Even file names are encrypted! VirtualSAFE also offers a unique capability that allows user to recover lost or forgotten vault password without us even knowing the actual password.

Problems the product or service solves
VirtualSAFE provides a secure vault to allow continuous backup to the cloud. The solution protects against:
  • Loss of data when laptop gets stolen.
  • Loss of data when ransomware attacks.
  • Loss of corporate data when employee leaves without returning laptop, or disclosing his vault password.

Support channels
‚ÄčThe official support channel for subscribers is via web forms; accessible via VirtualSAFE portal and our product information web page. As well as through our community forum.

Thank you.