What is the right scenario for the TheGRID?

What is the right scenario for the TheGRID?


What is the right scenario for the TheGRID?


TheGRID has two core modules that provides enhanced authentication. 

The Basic module helps organization track the specific computing devices its users use to access its web application, like how a browser cookie does. This tracking capability allows an application to perform device authentication on top of the usual username/password authentication. The same ability also allows subscription-based application services to limit the number of devices allowed to access its service, e.g. paid news portal.

The Beacon module allows users to use smartphones as authentication device, much like an RSA token; only much simpler and more powerful. By running as a smartphone app, many customized features can be built-in e.g. track location services, capture photos of users, scanning QR images, etc.

So, TheGRID is perfect for organizations looking at a solution to enhance authentication, stop identity theft or stop subscription sharing.

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