What is the right scenario for WebALARM?

What is the right scenario for WebALARM?


What is the right scenario for WebALARM?


WebALARM's core capability is the ability to protect a large volume of computer files from being changed, whether authorized, unauthorized or accidental. WebALARM is perfect for organizations looking for a solution to lock down sensitive or important files that rarely change or expected to change. We call these types of files static. These types of files can include website source files, archived legal documents, frozen source codes, stored video/audio recordings, images, system configurations, and so on.

Dynamic content not suitable to be monitored by WebALARM include files that regularly change like database files, web content served from database, temporary files, cache files, swap files, program libraries or binaries that are frequently updated and so on.

However, WebALARM has a special ability to monitor log files that incrementally change. Existing log content is protected while allowing new lines of log events to be added.

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