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            ARWare Client failed to register on console

            Error Message: ARWare Client failed to register on console

            Symptom: Error message above popped up upon ARWare Client freshly installed.

            1. ARWare Console services are running. See example below,
            Note: To check issue command docker-compose ps
            2. ARWare Client PC is able to telnet to ARWare Console server. To check, issue command telnet <<specify hostname/fqdn>> 80

            3. Server log captured  "503-Service Unavailable - Server license has expired". See example below,

            Note: To check, ARWare Console Admin page --> Tab --> Audit Log --> Server Log

            Root Cause: ARWare Console license file corrupted or the date of its "Expiry Date" has expired.

            Action: Get the info of the current ARWare Console license and escalate to Maintenance Support Team to request for a new license.
            Note: The ARWare Console license file can be found in this directory /usr/local/arware/arc_license  License filename: arc.lic

            Customer Environment:
            ARWare Client OS: Windows 10
            ARWare Client version: v2.1.0.4
            ARWare Console OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Dedicated Server)
            ARWare Console version: v1.0.5

            More Information: Refer to ticket #35699 for more details.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2019 12:37 PM
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